Successful companies make smart decisions backed by strong data. As analytics and insights have become popular buzzwords, business leaders, HR executives and recruiters are looking to make sense of these terms. Better understanding your team’s soft skills can help you align your organization’s goals, values, people and purpose.

Learn what people analytics truly means, where soft skills fit in and how to use the data to enhance your organization’s growth at every phase of the employee lifecycle.

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You’ll learn how to leverage soft skills analytics during:


  • Support your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by reducing implicit bias.


  • Identify candidates that would be a great fit for your organization, with a matching algorithm that predicts their ability to be successful in a specific role.


  • Use soft skills assessments for ideas on how to work with new hires and best motivate them to succeed.


  • Use soft skills analytics to foster a more collaborative and inclusive culture, enhancing group productivity.


  • Shape career paths using insights into soft skill strengths, opportunities, and areas for growth.

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